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How Awesome You Are

You may not feel awesome when...
You're covered in gurp.
You haven't had a full night's sleep in over a year.
You didn't shower today.
You have to suck baby boogers every day.

But, you are awesome, even if you're not in your most glamorous moment.

Women in general, and mothers, especially, we are capable of incredible feats!
Just because one woman can go on a daily run, but you instead go on a daily coffee run - that doesn't make you less awesome. You know that, right?

Just because another mother cooks three homemade meals every day, but you can only manage one, that doesn't make you less awesome.

Stop comparing. Start appreciating yourself.

So, maybe you don't run every day, but maybe you come up with fun crafts for your kids.

Maybe you don't cook, but you come up with creative ways to make salads. So many salads... Technically chips and salsa are a salad, right? ... right?

Maybe you're not a career person, but you always manage to make your family laugh.

All those things are worth a lot. On either side.

You are awesome. But the true measure of how awesome you are is not up to someone else. It's up to you! You get to decide how awesome you are today.

It dismays me when I hear women and mothers bashing on other women and mothers - as if there's one recipe to raise all children.
It takes all kinds.
If we learn to appreciate ourselves, I believe we can learn to appreciate others.
That takes some conflict out of living, which, I think we can all agree is a good thing.

Take a second and look inward and realize how awesome are you are.

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