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Post-Partem Depression Forecast: Sunny Skies With a Chance of Clouds

Automatic Reply: "I'm sorry." Wait, delete that. Start over with... "Thank you." You are the mother your child was meant to have. No one else could have had your child. They are you, in the sense that we're all connected. But mothers and children, even more so.  When you feel yourself disconnected from your child, ashamed of how you behaved around them, or frightened about a future without them, remember, your child was meant to come from you.  We can't claim total ownership or control over our children. They are their own beings. They have their own feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. Usually all of things happen without much influence from the parents.  But the wonderful thing about being a parent is you get to witness it all first hand.  This may be overwhelming. That's okay.  You're upset. That's okay. It's also okay for them to be upset.  Remember, your journey with your child is very different than their journey with you.