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A Little Bit of Learning Goes a Long Way

While planning what to write next, I realized how entrenched, and often unquestioned, motherhood ideals are. My thoughts of what a mother is "supposed" to be. Are those my own thoughts? Is that who I am as a mother? This external judgement criteria - where is it coming from?
I was in the doctor's office when my son was a couple of weeks old. The doctor asked me how I was doing. I had to be honest. I was stressed - and not because of my son. He was just a baby being a baby with his needs and nothing more.
I was stressed because I was looking for answers from others, and for validation that I was a good mother. But everything I read or heard was a critique. I realized that no matter what I did, according to someone, it wasn't enough according to someone else.

I told her, "I just want to be his mother! I don't care about all the rules I'm supposed to follow. I just want him to know that I love him and be the best mother I can be. But there are so many rules…
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Feel the Motherhood. Embrace the Motherhood. Be the Motherhood.

Well, I did it. I birthed a child.
This was after most of my life, assuming I would never marry, let alone ever have a child of my own.
I assumed I would be an adoptive single mother (and that would be awesome!). I had it all planned out.
Then I met my husband, and... when you open yourself up to another person, you discover things about yourself you didn't know.
Every time you think you're done growing, life says, "Uh-uh, you've got more to learn, honey. Don't start staring at the ground yet!"
Sometimes it is people that help you grow. Sometimes it's just a quiet walk by yourself.
This latest iteration of my own growth comes in the form of motherhood. And this blog is sharing what I've learned.

There are a gazillion blogs, books, websites, etc. of HOW to be a mother. Usually, they include long lists of things to DO (eg. Plan your meals weeks in advance, go running, take a shower daily, feed baby every two hours, buy this product, shun these people, e…